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We value quality and affordability as much as we value our work no matter how big or small it is, rest be assured that our team will take extra care for everything, all while providing you professionalism and the best services that there is. We also make sure to provide you the very best driveways.

Why Choose Us

As authorized builders with years of experience and thorough knowledge, we only provide the maximum standards for our clients, for we at Pro Driveways Geelong, are experts when it comes to making, planning, and building exposed aggregate driveways that there is.

Our Services

Our top-notch works in Pro Driveways Geelong are not only limited in dealing with your exposed aggregate driveways, we can also make and install pool surrounds, pathways, stairs, walls, drainages, and more.

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Concrete Driveways Geelong

We at Geelong Concrete Construction let our works speak for themselves where you can always tell how professional and careful, we are with our projects which you can always differentiate from others. Concrete driveways in your Geelong properties would definitely be a practical approach but you won’t ever regret it.

We also make sure to be careful with your driveways so we could always provide you with what you want the first try just like what we do in Geelong concrete house slabs concrete foundations. Our works are not only eye pleasing but it’s also sturdy and with minimal risk of cracking. Geelong Concrete Construction also deals with concrete resurfacing for your damaged concrete driveways.

If you’re looking for driveway installations that are at its highest quality with real and useful finishes, then Geelong Concrete Constructions are there to help you. Installing concrete driveways are not always easy and they have certain rules and quality that needs to be taken care of so you need professional help with it, we can guarantee that we can give you that kind of help. Our concreters are surely trustworthy and are highly experienced with their works. They also pour concrete driveways or concrete footpaths with extra care and with the right steps from the bottom to the top while also keeping the finest details with non-slip surface for it.


Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveway Geelong

If you want your driveways to be sturdy but also attractive to the surface, then you should choose exposed aggregate concretes. These types of concretes are low in maintenance here in Geelong. Typical concretes are smoothed off when poured, but exposed aggregate concretes are mixed with pebbles and stones to provide more durability. Also, the aggregate helps with the grip for vehicles that passes by and is the best choice for outdoor areas and for your driveways. By deciding to choose this option, you can personalize what type and size of your stone are to be added. And if you want it to have a different look in the future, then we can also help you in polishing it.

Most people in Geelong used exposed aggregate concretes for their homes and business owners for their buildings’ patios, pool areas and other outdoor spaces. Aside from being physically tough, our projects can withstand any heavy vehicles that pass by it and it is not easily affected by any kind of weather. It is also eye catching because its surface is different from any other surfaces around it. Adding exposed aggregate concretes to your properties or driveways are not just attractive but also unique—you will never see two driveways with the same look for it cannot be mass-produced.

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Coloured Concrete Driveways geelong

If you want to go for a natural looking or modern looking driveways that would suit your taste and have different colours that you like and would receive compliments for years if given the right amount of maintenance, then you should go for coloured concretes. These coloured concretes are concretes mixed with pigments to add colour to it, making it attractive to the eyes. We use high standard sealers for the finishing touches and coloured concretes that are UV resistant that looks natural, attractive and highly resilient. With the huge variety of shades that are always available, you can suit any style you want—be it with a modern, earthy, industrialized, gothic, or natural looking one.

So, if you want your driveways to always attract attention and compliments, then contact us in Pro Driveways Geelong so we can get started with your driveway’s newest look. For years, coloured concrete materials are used here in Pro Driveways Geelong because it can provide:

  • Durability and toughness
  • Low maintenance
  • Flexibility and is aesthetically pleasing

Ensuring that the pigments in our concretes are long lasting is our main priority here in Pro Driveways Geelong. We maintain it by using oxides that have been mixed through the concretes. Using the highest quality of materials and handiwork, our experienced concreters are there to help you with it by also adding first rate sealers.

You also don’t need to worry with your driveways look for we offer a huge variety of coloured concretes that would match your property and that would suit your style best.

If you want reasonably priced coloured concretes and other coloured concrete products, then contact us at Pro Driveways Geelong! We will ensure to provide you the most popular building products in the market that are surely to catch eyes and compliments. Our projects are also friendly to your pockets while we can still provide you high end driveways with your limited budgets.

Stencilled Concrete Driveways Geelong

If you also wanted some pre-cut patterns in wax impregnated papers in a roll, then stencilling is what you have been looking for (Ex: stone, brick, etc.).

The real-life end results for the tile or the brick look is very sturdy due to the hardened product. This is due to the process where the stencil is set into the concrete to be wet. The colour hardener is then added to the concrete, spread and applied with the releasing agent.

You can find stencilled concretes in most patios, pathways, and driveways. Some stairs can also be added to the list.

Customized stencils with logos, names, images, or even files are also available like rosettes and compasses. All the patterns that are commonly seen in stamped concretes are always available here in Pro Driveways Geelong.

With our experienced concreters we can guarantee you that we specialized in making Stencilled Concrete finishes. Our stencilled concretes provide grout lines that look like real looking tiles, stones, or bricks.

We can provide you the best and with any look you want, whether you want your stencilled concretes to look rustic or you want it to have a contemporary look.

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Your Geelong Driveway Experts

We are knowledgeable with our work and when it comes to affordable concrete driveways. We also take pride in promptness and credibility here in Pro Driveways Geelong so you can be guaranteed that your home is in good hands, for we also make sure our workers are trustworthy and respects your property while on the job.

You don’t have to worry with your expenses for we also offer discounts to customers who wants to start right away. Our work in concreting is always the best and in their highest quality to ensure you that it would last for decades. There is no risk in our services to guarantee our customers that their property is in good hands. Though our services differ in prices, we can make sure that it is reasonably priced and is the best in the industry. We will provide you the best concrete driveways in Geelong region.

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