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Are you interested in upgrading your space by using Coloured concretes?

Availing our offers and services won’t make you regret a single thing. There is no stopping you from using elements like this to improve the look of your surrounding features! Who said that driveways or pathways should only have one boring Colour forever, right? We at Pro Driveways Geelong can guarantee you that we can provide the highest quality of coloured concretes for your houses and business areas! We specialized in mixing oxides to our concretes to maintain its aesthetic look all the while keeping its pigments permanent and durable. We have a huge variety of coloured concretes that can suit any of your desired style. We also take pride in the end results of our work for we can offer our customers a 100% satisfaction rate.

Discover the Appeal of Colour Concrete in Geelong

If you want affordable, high end results, and good customer service, then we at Pro Driveways Geelong are always here to help you and offer you with the greatest service that there is. Here in the whole Geelong region, we are one of the leading providers of coloured concretes with decades of experience backing us up and giving us the best knowledge and exceptional skills when it comes to finishing the project just in time. 

Maintenance of coloured concrete driveways in Geelong

For the maintenance of your concrete driveways, you can easily clean it using detergent and by washing the dirt with your hose, this will keep weeds from spreading around your driveways. From time to time, also check your driveways for cracks. If you see one, treat it immediately to avoid chemicals or oils from spilling and spreading around it for it can cause the concrete to break.

And also, if your coloured concrete driveway is only limited for residential use only, make sure that the concrete drive is resealed once every two years. And if your coloured concrete driveways are accessible for business roads and for heavy industries and weathers that have extreme temperatures, then you have to reseal it more often than just two years.

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