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Decorative Concrete offer services all the way from the excavation up to the sealing. We also have a huge amount of designs and Colours for you to be able to choose wisely. Pro Driveways Geelong also have different types of unique concretes to choose from, whether it is an exposed aggregate or coloured concrete that can complement any kind of house designs.

We can guarantee you that our workers will deliver your projects just on time and that would definitely exceed your expectations. Our projects are easy to maintain with versatile designs and shapes that are very much affordable for you. We are also proud of our high-quality craftsmanship and the quality of our driveways.

  • We provide sturdy and contemporary house designs
  • A huge amount of versatile designs, shapes, and Colours
  • We also offer complete installation process
  • Expenses are affordable and with reasonable price
  • And our driveways’ quality is top-notch

If you will allow us at Pro Driveways Geelong to give your driveways enough maintenance and care, whether your driveway is plain looking, coloured, or exposed aggregate then we are sure to make it as useful as the day it was finished! Deciding to choose a firm driveway is a good decision to make, for it is not only friendly to your pockets but also very pleasing to look at.


Concretes are the best options to choose from, for newly finished concretes can surely help your driveways to last up to many, many years. Choosing a material that can last a lifetime and are highly durable is very important in constructing your driveways.

Your concrete driveways would last for 50 years or more if you give it just the right amount of maintenance and care!

Deciding to use concretes for your driveway is definitely worthy and is probably the best choice for your Geelong houses and offices because its structure does not change even during our hot summer days here in Australia.

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Driveway Maintenance

Spraying your classic concrete driveways with a garden hose and by scrubbing it using a brush is easy right? So, you should better keep on doing it to maintain your driveways’ cleanliness and appeal to make it last a lifetime!

Adding a concrete driveway to your houses or offices can add more usefulness and aesthetically appealing look to your properties. Also, having your driveways sealed is a lot easier for oil stains can be easily removed using sprays.

Look for highly qualified and well experienced driveway specialists if you want your concrete driveways to remain useful for a lifetime while keeping its aesthetically pleasing look.

You should always remember to not just focus on the labour and estimate of materials but also to scrutinize how long it would take for your concrete to heal for you to be able to know when you can use your driveway. Make sure you do the following in order to make the most it:

Avoid heavyweights

Remember to avoid parking heavyweight vehicles on your driveways for a long period of time and to stop large vans and trucks from crossing it way too much for it can be a cause for a trench or breaks to your driveways.

Treat spills as soon as possible

Ugly stains from chemicals or oil spills can be very disheartening to look at if they are in your driveways for it diminishes its appeal. Make sure you clean your driveways the moment you see a

stain on top of it to avoid resurfacing before its time. Put absorbent materials on top of it like cat litters for a few hours and dispose it after and use common detergent.

Treat even small cracks immediately

Do not let small cracks ruin your driveways appeal. If you see one small crack, treat it immediately for wild weeds would start growing between it overnight, plus it can also transform to a big crack if you would just ignore it.

Contacting us at Pro Driveways Geelong would be the best choice, for we can offer a big help to your driveways!


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