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Exposed Aggregate

A surface solution that has flexible shapes and usefulness.

Exposed aggregate concretes are durable and can make your concretes not just useful surfaces but also with aesthetic art designs that can add more appeal to your property. It is popular to Australian houses and is well known as the ‘king of driveway materials.

What is exposed concrete?

Exposed aggregate concretes are very much different to some common concretes that are smoothed off for even finishing. Concretes like this are clean, is uniformly finished, but doesn’t have enough appeal to it and are not really durable like the exposed aggregate concretes. The added exposed stones or pebbles help in creating Colour and texture and add more sturdiness to your driveways to ensure that it would last for decades. Producing exposed aggregate driveways are done by exposing the inner structure to make the finishing look elegant and is definitely perfect for your outdoor areas. The results are fantastically pleasing and would surely make a very stylish design statement.

A truly versatile material

You don’t have to worry with the styles you wanted, for exposed aggregate concretes have various and limitless designs—from its Colours, textures, and even its effects! Sand, stone, or anything can be mixed up with your aggregate to create different effects. For example, mixing your aggregate with quartz can end up with your driveway having a finishing that looks glossy and that’ll catch the light. You can even upgrade this effect by using Coloured glass to add more appeal. Because of its wide range of materials to choose from, exposed aggregate is truly a versatile material. Colours vary from chic neutrals to bold pigments.

Contact us at Pro Driveways Geelong right away if you need help with your driveways! Our team at A Better Driveway can also help you choose what style would best suit the exterior of your house if you’re having trouble with choosing your style and finishing. We make sure to work well with our clients to make them choose the right Colour and texture for their driveways. Adapting to your exposed aggregate is easy for we can use any Colour and texture for your properties.

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Finish Options

Water wash

If you want your exposed aggregate finish to maintain its useful, sturdiness, and pleasing look, then using this method to clean the surface mortar covering of your aggregate is rather easy. This cleaning style is very simple. You just have to simply wash the surface by spraying it with water and scrubbing it with a broom!


Another method involves rubbing your exposed aggregate after its concrete has settled and hardened. Sandblasting is a method that is likely to create a consistent and even finish for your vertical or steep driveways. But be careful – using this method can easily take the Colour and shape of your aggregate and can make it tedious.

Pavilion finish

For finer textures and non-slip exposed aggregate finish, the pavilion finish is likely the best option. This method uses acid solution for the cement that surrounds your aggregate to be removed. Before applying the solution, the cement must be ground down first.

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