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Our workers are highly experienced and knowledgeable with concretes and can give you precise services for each project. We always make sure that our finished products follow the national standards for concretes and with a 5-year constructional warranty while your driveways will surely last for decades. We at Pro Driveways Geelong offer other services not just for driveways but other entertainment areas as well, such as patios, pathways, and more decorative features.

Here at Pro Driveways Geelong, we always make sure to suit your driveways just the way you like it for we offer a huge variety of assets and materials that’ll definitely meet your standards and style. We also make sure to give you the highest quality of solutions for your driveways’ surface and modify your property to make it look more attractive and aesthetically appealing.

Some people may think that the interior designs are the most important part of their homes or their offices but always remember that the exteriors are also just as important. Your driveways or pathways reflect your characteristics well, so it is essential to make it appealing and eye catching for it is one of the key factors on how you want other people to look at you.

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To be able to suit your property’s terrain and architectural design, we offer you a lot of features that would suit them best. Our most popular driveway finishes are our exposed aggregate concretes that are high quality.

exposed aggregate concrete

When it comes to durability, our coloured concretes are the best choice. We have different varieties of coloured concretes to offer that is also very sturdy. To guarantee the life span of our coloured concretes, we always make sure to mix our concretes with oxides prior to laying it to bring out its Colour.

colored driveway

If you want your concretes to have interlocking designs like tiles or bricks, then we can offer you our phenomenal stencilled concretes! The process is very easy; once your concrete is wet enough, a stencil is then applied to its surface to add more style.

new stencilled driveway

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